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Which Hot Tubs Are Easiest to Maintain?
Which Hot Tubs Are Easiest to Maintain?
Written by Kimberly Giraldo
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As you get further into your research about hot tubs, one of the topics you’ll probably want to know about is maintenance. This is a very important part of hot tub ownership. Every hot tub is very different and each will have its own specifics as to how to maintain it.

It helps to purchase a hot tub that is not only easy and simple for you to maintain, but that also includes maintenance features that do most of the work—so you can do less. After all, you’re looking for a hot tub to help you relax and unwind after a busy day. You certainly don’t need a hot tub requiring complex maintenance tasks that will only add to your stress.

In this article, you can expect to gain the answer to the question, “Which hot tubs are easiest to maintain?” You will also learn what features make a hot tub easy to maintain. Finally, this article will offer simple tips to help you easily maintain your hot tub with little to no hassle.

Are hot tubs easy to maintain?

The answer to this question can, and should be, yes. However, that is entirely dependent on the type of hot tub you choose. If you are looking for an easy-to-maintain hot tub, you will want to consider the features and equipment of the model.

Which hot tubs are easiest to maintain?

The easiest hot tubs to maintain are ones built with equipment that does most of the work for you. This way, you can focus more on your relaxing hydromassage and less on maintenance. When shopping for a hot tub, consider the value of your investment. You’ll want to ensure you choose a hot tub that has been designed with features that incorporate certain maintenance aspects. It cannot be understated that having an easy-to-maintain hot tub will make your experience as a hot tub ownership more enjoyable overall. With a nearly hassle-free hot tub, you can spend more time relaxing in it, not stressing about it.

What features make a hot tub easy to maintain?

Depending on the brand and model you choose, there are many features that can make your hot tub easy to maintain. You’ll want to ensure your hot tub has top-notch, high-performing water care management and filtration systems. These two features can help ensure your hot tub water is clean* and ready for use.

For example, when it comes to water care and sanitation, Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs feature the Jacuzzi® ClearRay Active Oxygen® System. The ClearRay Active Oxygen® System is standard on all Jacuzzi® acrylic spas. This system employs several technologies to help you achieve clean* water. One of these innovative technologies is the combination of ozone and UV-C technology.

Ozone aids in the grouping of smaller debris to form larger clusters that can be more easily captured in the filtration process. UV-C is an ultraviolet (UV) sanitation system that uses UV-C germicidal light rays to help keep your hot tub water clean* and free of bacteria. Ozonated water** is exposed to a UV-C bulb to energize the molecules, unlocking Active Oxygen to clean*. This system provides you with a hassle-free hands-off approach to caring for your hot tub water. You can rest assured that with the proper use of the Jacuzzi® ClearRay Active Oxygen® System, your water will be cleaner*, longer while you clean* less.

Your hot tub’s filtration system is another key factor of maintenance. If you are looking for easy maintenance, you’ll want a hot tub that has excellent filtration. For example, the Jacuzzi® five-stage filtration process*** results in cleaner* water, which means fewer water changes and less effort for you. Here is how it works:

STAGES 1 and 2 — The skimmer and unique mesh ProCatch™ filter work together to clean* the water surface and trap large debris for easy removal.

STAGE 3 — This exclusive system features a 60-square-foot ProClarity® filter connected directly to a ProStream™ filtration pump that filters an astounding 35 gallons of water per minute, resulting in clean* water faster.

STAGE 4 — The ProClarity® depth load filter polishes the water down to a 3-micron level.

STAGE 5 — The second 60-square-foot ProClarity® filter cleans* and activates when you are using the hot tub. This doubles the filtration when you need it the most.

There are other key features that help to support the maintenance of your hot tub, with the added benefit of keeping maintenance costs to a minimum. Consider the quality and durability of the hot tub’s materials, for example. A well-made superior hot tub will be designed to last without having to be repaired. You may not need to replace any parts as often since the equipment is high quality and built to stand the test of time.

Excellent insulation and energy efficiency are important maintenance factors as well. Insulation will help maintain your hot tub’s water heat for longer and also protect your hot tub itself. When it comes to energy efficiency, look for a hot tub that not only meets energy efficiency standards but that also offers high-tech options to help you manage and maintain your hot tub easily.

Every Jacuzzi® Hot Tub exceeds California Commission standards for standby power consumption, for example. The Jacuzzi® SmartTub® remote monitoring system provides a wide range of monitoring and maintenance capabilities that can be managed right from your smart device, even if you miles away from your hot tub.

The Jacuzzi® SmartTub® System protects your hot tub while also allowing you to control, customize, and manage your hot tub from near and far. Not only can you adjust the temperature, jets, and lights and set up an automated usage schedule, but the Jacuzzi® SmartTub® System will automatically alert your dealer if your hot tub needs attention. It can also detect power outages, freezing, and overheating. There is even a cover sensor that will remind you if your cover is open. Furthermore, the Jacuzzi® SmartTub® System can detect and alert you if there is water near your hot tub’s sensitive components. These amenities can help protect your hot tub, prolong its life, and simplify maintenance.

Another important aspect of easy maintenance is your hot tub’s warranties. These can ensure you are covered on maintenance such as repairs or parts replacements if an issue arises with your hot tub.

What are some easy ways to maintain a hot tub?

There are many things you can do as a hot tub owner to easily maintain your hot tub without a lot of stress or hassle. Routine maintenance is important to ensure you get the maximum life out of your hot tub. But it doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complex. Read on for some easy ways to maintain your hot tub.

Invest in a high-quality, properly fitting hot tub cover. Your hot tub cover is essential to protecting your hot tub. First of all, it keeps dirt, debris, and other contaminants from getting into your hot tub that could cause the water’s chemical levels to become imbalanced. The cover also saves you from having to skim impurities out of the water before your hydrotherapy session.

A well-made cover also helps you lock in your hot tub water’s heat for longer, thus conserving both energy and money. Finally, it also acts as a safety measure to ensure little ones or pets don’t get into the hot tub accidentally or without supervision.

You’ll also want to create a simple schedule that will help you remember to do easy maintenance tasks such as circulating the water, cleaning* the filters, testing the water’s pH and alkaline levels, and changing the water. These routine chores don’t have to be done every day. Timelines range from a few times a week to once a year, depending on the task and your hot tub model.

However, they are important to manage to ensure the health of your hot tub and your peace of mind. Keeping your hot tub well maintained not only ensures you have crystal clear water when it’s time to take a soak, but it also helps your hot tub’s equipment run efficiently.

If you have questions about the easiest hot tubs to maintain, it’s worth a visit to your local spa showroom. Here, you can look around at the various brands and models as well as speak to an educated hot tub dealer about the various maintenance features of specific models. Your hot tub dealer may also be able to provide you with a maintenance tutorial on the hot tub model you want to make your own.

*Clean is defined as the removal of microscopic (down to 3-micron level, varies by model) debris from the water. The ClearRay Active Oxygen® System utilizes various technologies to achieve cleanliness. One of them is ozone, which aids in the grouping of smaller debris to form large clusters that can be more easily captured in the filtration process.

**An ozonator that is ill-fitted or used incorrectly can cause potential damage. Ozone in its pure form is potentially hazardous. The ozone levels in the ozone systems that are installed in Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs are safe for use and have no known effect on the hot tub.

***Stages of filtration may vary by collection.

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