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How are Hot Tubs Delivered?
How are Hot Tubs Delivered?
Written by Kimberly Giraldo
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Once you have purchased your dream hot tub, you are close to having your at-home spa sanctuary and can expect years of enjoyment in your future. But first, your hot tub must be delivered.

This article will help you understand the details of how your hot tub will be delivered and installed once you’ve made your purchase. It will also give you some step-by-step details on how to prepare the area where you plan to have your hot tub placed and installed. Read on to learn everything you need to know about hot tub delivery.

It’s essential to note that once you purchase a hot tub from an authorized spa dealer, they will have specific instructions on what to do prior to delivery day to help you prepare for your hot tub installation. These instructions may be unique to the brand and model hot tub you have chosen, so it’s key to stay in communication with your hot tub dealer and follow their explicit instructions. This will ensure that your space is set up specifically to accommodate the exact brand and model hot tub you will be having delivered.

How do I prepare for my hot tub delivery?

You likely have already measured the area where you plan to have your hot tub placed. This is an important step to make sure the space is ample enough to accommodate your hot tub and to create a spa sanctuary surrounding it.

You’ll want to also make sure the ground is level and flat and that it is cleared of debris such as rocks or sticks that could puncture the hot tub or cause the surface to be unbalanced. If you decide to have your spa installed on an inclined area of your backyard, to make use of space that doesn’t otherwise have a purpose, ensure you have a professional examine the area and the dimensions as well as confirm that the foundation is properly supported.

What type of spa foundation do I need?

Speaking of foundation, having the right foundation is important for the delivery and installation of your hot tub. The three most common options are concrete, a prefabricated hot tub pad, and a deck. What follows is a little bit more information about each of these options.

Concrete — Many people already have concrete as part of their existing backyard or patio design, so this is a popular option. Concrete is durable and strong so it can support the weight of not only your hot tub itself but the weight when it is filled with both water and your friends and family. Make sure the concrete is level and in good condition before having your hot tub delivered and installed. If you don’t have pre-existing concrete on your patio or backyard, you may opt to have a customized concrete slab poured to serve as the foundation of your future hot tub. You may also consider concrete pavers, which come in many sizes, shapes, colors, and styles, which can add to the ambiance of your outdoor spa oasis.

Deck — While generally level upon being built, decks may warp over time. If you have a deck where you plan to have your hot tub placed, make sure it is inspected by a professional to ensure it is not only level but that is it sturdy enough to support your new hot tub when filled with water and bathers. It may need to be structurally reinforced to provide you with peace of mind that it can support this weight.

Prefabricated Hot Tub Pad — Just as its name suggests, a premade hot tub pad is designed to serve as your hot tub’s foundation. This is an easy option that you can simply lay out on a clear, level area of grass or topsoil. You may be able to purchase a spa pad from a local hot tub dealer and via online retailers. Check with your spa dealer to ensure the pad you plan to purchase will be suitable for your hot tub model.

What type of hot tub do I have?

How a hot tub is delivered is dependent upon the type of hot tub you have purchased. Delivery is unique not only to your hot tub but also to the area where it will be installed and hooked up. Some models, such as inflatable or blow-up hot tubs may not even require delivery and installation. You can purchase this type from a retailer and bring it right home. Or, you might purchase it online, in which case it will be delivered right to your home. You’ll want to ensure you place it on a level surface near an outlet and your garden hose.

This type of hot tub, also referred to as a plug-and-play hot tub, is designed to be easy for hot tub owners to bring home from the store or have it shipped to your home, inflate, plug in, and fill. Inflatable hot tubs typically do not require any professional installation.

Many 110v/120v portable hot tubs also fall into the plug-and-play category because they can be plugged into a standard outdoor wall outlet. However, please note that even the plug-and-play hot tubs should be on a 20-amp dedicated circuit. Other portable hot tubs are 220v, which will need to be hardwired. A 220/240v is a dedicated electrical circuit that you will need to have installed by an electrician prior to your hot tub delivery and installation. Make note that you may need your electrician to return to connect and hook up your hot tub after it has been delivered and installed. It’s important that your electrician consult’s the owner’s manual of your specific hot tub model to verify proper electrical requirements.

If you are planning on having your hot tub installed in-ground or partially underground, you need to ensure you have proper access to allow for service, maintenance, or repairs that may need to be done in the future. You will also want to make sure you have proper drainage ability for your in-ground or partially in-ground hot tub. If you plan to have your hot tub in-ground, having this professionally installed is highly recommended. It is also suggested that you have a plumber inspect the area and set up any plumbing that may be required in this scenario.

Understanding what type of hot tub you have purchased and what it requires can help you prepare to meet the electrical requirements. It is also recommended that hot tub owners have a 40-, 50-, or 60-amp GFCI breaker installed that will allow you to use all your hot tub’s pumps and heaters simultaneously, according to the specs in your owner’s manual. Being able to do so will greatly enhance your hot tub experience, speed up the installation process, and ensure that safety measures are followed. This GFCI breaker protects your hot tub, and also bathers, in the event of a short circuit or overcurrent.

When it comes to portable hot tubs, it’s worth noting that even though the term “portable” is in its name, these types of hot tubs should always be delivered or transported by professionals. This is for your safety as well as to protect the hot tub from risk of damage if mishandled.

Most premium portable hot tubs will require delivery and installation from a professional. This will likely be arranged through your spa dealer at the time of your purchase. This is an advisable way to have your spa delivered and installed that can provide you with peace of mind that your new investment will be in great care and set up properly so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

When you purchase a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub you can rest assured that your delivery and installation will be handled with the utmost professionalism, knowledge, and care. Once your delivery date has been arranged, you will want to prepare your home to allow for your hot tub’s arrival. Here are a few things you can do to ensure a smooth and easy delivery day:

-Make sure gates and doorways are wide enough for your hot tub to pass through without obstruction.

-Clear sidewalks and paths of debris or items such as potted plants or outdoor furniture that could be in the way of the delivery team.

-Check the delivery path to ensure your hot tub will clear any 90-degree turns.

-Make sure small children and pets are inside and clear of the installation area to ensure they remain safe during the delivery.

-Check overhead clearance, and inspect your yard for low roof overhangs, tree branches, or rain gutters that could potentially obstruct the delivery path.

As you get closer to making your dream of hot tub ownership come true, visit your local Jacuzzi® Hot Tub dealer to finalize your purchase, take a wet test, and discuss all delivery and installation details. You will want to make sure you have chosen the very best hot tub for you and your loved ones, so be sure to ask about all the many features and amenities that can take your hot tub experience to the next level. You may want open seating or a lounger; you may opt for Infrared and Red Light therapy if you are the type that loves the latest in hydrotherapy advances; you may want to choose a hot tub with a gently flowing illuminated waterfall to help lull you into your hydromassage experience.

All these options and many more are available to you with a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub. Once you’ve chosen the best hot tub for you, created a space to accommodate your spa and prepared your home, you are ready for your delivery.

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