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The Top Hot Tubs for Athletes: Recovery and Relaxation for Peak Performance
The Top Hot Tubs for Athletes: Recovery and Relaxation for Peak Performance
Written by Kimberly Giraldo
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If you’ve decided to purchase a hot tub for recovery, relaxation, and to assist with peak performance as an athlete, this is a decision you likely won’t regret. A hot tub can provide you with endless comfort—body and mind.

As an athlete, you probably have specific needs and expectations that you want to get out of your hot tub experience. This is important to your overall wellness and recovery before and after workouts, games, practices, or competitions. Ensuring that you choose the right hot tub for your needs is important for your peak performance.

This article will help you discover the most enjoyable hot tub benefits for athletes as well as present some of the top hot tubs for athletes. As you read on, you will learn what to look for when shopping for a hot tub for athletes. You will also be presented with some of the best examples of hot tubs for athletes when it comes to recovery and relaxation for peak performance.

Are hot tubs good for athletes?

As an athlete, health and wellness is likely very important to you. When you perform at a high level physically, you may also experience sore or tight muscles and body pains as a result of pushing yourself to do your best. You may be looking for a way to attain relief and relaxation, and a hot tub is an excellent choice.

After a challenging workout or tough competition, relaxing in a hot tub is an ideal way to soothe your muscles and joints while enjoying superior hydrotherapy massage. High-quality hot tubs will feature specialty jets that are designed to target specific muscles and soothe areas of your body that may be sore. The power of warm water can be incredibly therapeutic, counterbalancing the hard work you put your body through in the gym or on the field.

You may also find that your hot tub is not only good for relieving muscle soreness or body pain, but it is also good for your mindset. And as we know, a proper mindset is essential when it comes to peak performance in any sport or athletic activity.

A hot tub can serve as a way to indulge all your senses and simply disconnect from the distractions in your life. A soothing soak can send worries or doubts packing. If you are preparing for an upcoming game, competition, or other performance, giving yourself some much-deserved self-care through your hot tub can put you in the right mindset to achieve your goals.

Simply letting your mind and body unwind in your hot tub while being lulled by the soothing sounds of the gently flowing waterfalls or the sounds of nature surrounding you can ease your stress. A hydromassage in your hot tub can allow you to recover after training, exercise, or other physical activity. It can also help you recharge and rejuvenate your mind and body for your next performance.

Athletes who put their bodies to the test should also be able to treat their bodies with soothing comfort after a long day. After putting 100 percent into your performance, you should also put 100 percent into your recovery and relaxation.

What are some benefits of a hot tub for athletes?

There are many benefits of a hot tub for athletes, both physical and mental. Read on for some specific benefits that you may not have yet considered.

Increase wellness—

Regular hot tub use can serve as an excellent part of any wellness routine. As an athlete, you likely train and focus on your nutritional health as part of your daily routine. Using a hot tub to support these efforts and provide you with soothing comfort is an ideal way to round out a wellness routine. Using your hot tub regularly can help you unwind, relax, and de-stress. It can also help provide comfort to sore muscles and body aches.

Calm your mind—

Beyond physical benefits, you may find that regular hot tub use can provide you with an outlet that calms your mind. Your hot tub sanctuary should be a place where you can go to feel good inside and out.

Connect with loved ones—

Your spa oasis should be a place where you can go to relax and work out the troubles in your mind. But it can also be a place to gather your family and friends for bonding time or enjoy an intimate soak with a significant other. A hot tub can be both fun and entertaining and soothing and calming, depending on the mood and the company. Your hot tub can serve as an invaluable way to connect with family and friends.

What are the top hot tubs for athletes?

Now that you’ve discovered some of the hot tub benefits for athletes, you’re probably more excited than ever to delve deeper into your hot tub shopping experience. But there is more to discover about how a hot tub can help you recover and relax. When shopping for a hot tub specifically for your recovery and relaxation for peak performance, you’ll want to ensure your hot tub performs to its peak as well. Here are some features you should look for:

Ease of use —

You don’t need to add any stress to your daily life by trying to figure out a complicated hot tub system. Your hot tub should be simple to operate and ready to go when you are ready to unwind. The exclusive Jacuzzi® SmartTub® System, for example, is designed to make using and maintaining your Jacuzzi® easy and simple. Accessible via an app on your smart device, the remote monitor system allows you full control over your hot tub from anywhere.

Features of the Jacuzzi® SmartTub® System include adjusting your hot tub’s temperature, jets, and lights; locking down your hot tub and prevent usage; and setting up an automated usage schedule. You can also receive real-time notifications and reminders, track energy usage reports through the Jacuzzi® SmartTub® System.

High-performing jets —

The power and configuration of the jets will really determine your hydromassage experience. You’ll want a hot tub that offers a variety of jets that are designed specifically to target different areas of your body in different ways. You will also want to look for a hot tub that allows you to customize your hydrotherapy experience based on your exact needs.

Exclusive Infrared and Red Light Therapy, which is featured in several Jacuzzi® Hot Tub models, is the latest way to level up high-performing jets in your hot tub. The models in the Jacuzzi® J-LX® Collection, for example, feature the FX-IR Seat, which combines full-back and neck hydromassage with near Infrared and deep Red Light therapy to target deep tissue within the lumbar region of the lower back. This combination of relaxation and rejuvenation is ideal for athlete’s recovery and peak performance.

Size, depth, and seating configuration —

Comfort is paramount, and these three aspects have a great deal to do with your comfort level as you soak. A large, deep hot tub may be best suited for taller people, while a more compact hot tub with a standard height might be ideal for petite performers.

Seating configuration is important whether you choose open seating, lounge seating or a combination of the two. You’ll want to make sure the seats “fit” your body comfortably. This can be achieved by doing a wet test at your local spa dealer prior to purchasing the hot tub you like. This will also you to experience the hot tub you like while it is filled and operating. This way, you can see how comfortable the seats and jets feel to you.

While your hot tub will need some routine care, this should not create added stress in your life. Be sure to shop for a hot tub that is designed with the best quality water management systems and filtration systems so you can worry less about whether your hot tub is properly maintained.

The top hot tubs for athletes

The Jacuzzi® J-LX® Collection

The models in this collection are the newest to join the Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs family. They are distinctly designed to provide unmatched relief and rejuvenation. Featuring Infrared and Red Light therapy via the FX-IR Therapy seat, strategically placed jets that target specific muscle groups with customizable flow and feel at eat jet, a sleek exterior, infinity-edge waterfall, the J-LX® Collection makes for the ultimate wellness retreat.

The Jacuzzi® J-LX® Hot Tub features open seating with smooth surfaces, making it easy to move freely to experience all seven ergonomic seating options. The Jacuzzi® J-LXL® Hot Tub features six ergonomic seating options and a lounge seat that cradles the contours of your body for total relaxation.

The models in the Jacuzzi® J-400™ Collection are also ideal choices for athletes. With a variety of sizes, features, and amenities, each model in this collection provides you with deep relaxation. The Jacuzzi® J-400™ Collection also features Infrared and Red Light therapy to take your hydromassage to the next level after a particularly intense workout or performance. The Infrared Hydrotherapy Seat delivers full-back, shoulder, and neck hydromassage and is ergonomically designed to cradle you into full-body comfort.

The Jacuzzi® J-485™ Hot Tub is another excellent example of a top hot tub for athletes in the Jacuzzi® J-400™ Collection. Featuring a stunning design, a roomy open-seating configuration with six to seven seats delivering neck-to-toe muscle relief, extra-wide cascading waterfall, this model is the complete package for families and groups.

There are endless choices in the Jacuzzi® Hot Tub family of products. Be sure to view all of your options to find the best Jacuzzi® Hot Tub to meet your needs

Ultimately the top hot tub for athletes is the one that is best suited for your individual desires. When shopping for your hot tub, keep your unique needs in mind to ensure that the hot tub you choose can provide you with comfort, relief, relaxation, and enjoyment for years to come.

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