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The Perfect Oasis for Family Bliss: Best Hot Tubs for a Family-Friendly Retreat
The Perfect Oasis for Family Bliss: Best Hot Tubs for a Family-Friendly Retreat
Written by Kimberly Giraldo
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There is nothing more important than family time. Connecting through a soak in your own backyard sanctuary is an irreplaceable way to bond and create memories as a family. If you’ve decided to purchase a hot tub to serve as a family-friendly retreat, you’ve probably asked the question: “What is the best hot tub for families?”

This article is designed to help you discover the best hot tub options for families and guide you through how to create your ideal family-friendly retreat. If you are looking for the perfect oasis for family bliss, read on to learn what to look for when shopping for the best spa for your family.

What is the best hot tub for families?

When you are searching for the best hot tub for a family-friendly retreat, there are many factors to consider. Some of these factors include size, seating options, dimensions, where you plan to have your spa placed, and the features and amenities that make your hot tub experience easy, enjoyable, and stress-free.


If you are seeking the perfect oasis for family bliss, you’ll want to make sure the hot tub you choose can comfortably accommodate all your family members at one time. There are many sizes of hot tub models and sizing can differ based on various brands. Some companies, such as Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, are categorized by size. Small Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs for example are best suited for couples or singles, as they feature two to three seating options. Models in the Medium Jacuzzi® Hot Tub category are designed with four to five seating options. Models in this category would be the best hot tubs for a family of four or a family of five. Finally, Large Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs are suited for six to eight family members or more.

Seating Options

Depending on the brand and model, there are several seating options that can enhance your family’s spa experience. Seating configuration can also impact how much space you have to enjoy within your hot tub. For example, a hot tub with open seating can generally accommodate more bathers than the same size hot tub with lounge seating. A lounge seat puts bathers in a more reclined position to deliver full-body hydrotherapy. If you are looking for a hot tub that allows you to combine family time with full-body hydromassage, you can choose a hot tub that features a combination of open seating and a lounge seat. Another option to consider, particularly if you have young children or smaller family members, is a cool-down seat. This option positions bathers a little higher up out of the water and serves as a transition place to enjoy as you and your family members get in and out of the hot tub.


It’s important to take into account the dimensions of the hot tub you’re considering. The dimensions refer to the size of the entire hot tub unit. These measurements are vital when determining how much space you have to accommodate your future hot tub. When it comes to Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs, every model is designed to maximize its footprint. If you have limited space, you are not limited to a hot tub with fewer seating options. You can still likely find a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub model that will accommodate your entire family and suit all your needs while also fitting efficiently into your home or backyard.

Spa Placement

Another important aspect of your hot tub journey should be determining where in your home or backyard you would like to create your oasis for family bliss. Regardless of whether you decide to have your place installed indoors or outdoors, you will want to ensure you have plenty of space to accommodate the size spa that will best suit your family’s needs. You’ll also want to ensure you have ample space around the hot tub for easily transitioning in and out of the hot tub or relaxing nearby as you and your family members dry off after a soak. Taking exact measurements of your space is important as you get further into your spa shopping journey. It’s also a good idea to take pictures of the space that you can show to your hot tub dealer to ensure the area is suitable to accommodate the hot tub of your dreams. Finally, you need to prepare a solid foundation for your future spa, such as a spa pad, concrete, or a deck that can support the weight of your family’s hot tub when it’s filled with both water and bathers.

Features and amenities

If you’ve decided to buy a hot tub to serve as an oasis for your family where you can disconnect from the world around you and spend time reconnecting with one another, you don’t want to cut any corners in creating this environment. This is where the features and amenities of a hot tub come into play. The features of a hot tub elevate your spa experience, making it even more fun, entertaining, relaxing, and stress-free to own and operate. Here are a few features and amenities that will level up the bonding time in your family-friendly retreat:

High-quality water management and filtration systems

These two systems can provide peace of mind that your water is safe for your family to enjoy. The highest-quality water management system and filtration system can make managing your hot tub a breeze.

Easy-to-use controls and smart technology

The best hot tub for your family is ready when you are, easy to operate at the touch of a button, and offers smart technologies to make your hot tub ownership simple and stress-free.

For example, the patented Jacuzzi® SmartTub® System is unique engineered to make it easy to use and maintain your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub. The remote monitor system can be conveniently accessed via an app on your smart device. From here, you have full control over your hot tub from anywhere.

Features of the Jacuzzi® SmartTub® System include adjusting the temperature, jets, and lights; locking down your hot tub and prevent usage; and setting up an automated usage schedule. The Jacuzzi® SmartTub® System also allows you to receive real-time notifications and reminders, track energy usage reports, and much more.

Specialized hydromassage

Easing your pain and delivering soothing relief is very likely high on your list of priorities. And it should be. You and your family deserve a sanctuary that not only can bring you closer together, but that can also provide you with the highest level of hydromassage. When shopping for a hot tub, make sure the jet power and configuration suit your needs. In addition, look for exclusive offerings that can take your hydromassage to the next level.

For example, select Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs feature exclusive IR + Red Light therapy that provide a deep hydromassage experience that both relaxes and rejuvenates your entire body. At skin level, jet pressure delivers varied hydromassage through surface contact, full-spectrum (mid and far) Infrared delivers additional benefits in the dermis layer of the skin, near Infrared reaches further to target deep tissue withing the lumbar region of your lower back, and specialized deep Red Light reaches surface tissues and cells. Combined this experience leaves you feeling soothed, refreshed and energized. Currently, the exclusive IR + Red Light therapy is offered in both models of the new Jacuzzi® J-LX® Collection as well as models in the Jacuzzi® J-400™ Collection.

Design and ambiance

The design of your hot tub and the elements that enhance the ambiance, such as waterfalls, lighting, sound systems, and other features can help complete the perfect oasis for family bliss.

What is the best hot tub for large families?

Ultimately, the best hot tub for large families will be able to comfortably accommodate your entire family while delivering unmatched hydrotherapy. If you want to truly create the perfect oasis for family bliss, consider the all-new J-LX® Collection, featuring exclusive Infrared and Red Light therapy to provide the ultimate wellness experience. The J-LX® model features an open seating layout with seven ergonomic seating options, while the J-LXL® model features a full-body lounge seat as part of six ergonomic seating options. Both models include the FX-IR Seat, which combines Infrared and Red Light therapy with hydromassage that delivers unparalleled relaxation and rejuvenation.

The J-400™ Collection also features the deep relaxation of Infrared and Red Light therapy in a variety of luxury models that are designed to comfortably accommodate large families. For example, the spacious J-495™ model is the largest Jacuzzi® Hot Tub. Designed to provide plenty of room to relax and spread out the nine seat J-495™ Hot Tub is ideal for entertaining the entire family.

For smaller families, The J-325™ Hot Tub with open seating features five seating options in a compact yet spacious model. The J-225™ Hot Tub is a more budget-friendly option that offers similar seating options. Both of these models boast proprietary jets that are thoughtfully placed to deliver soothing hydromassage as you soak up precious family time.

There are a variety of hot tubs that can serve as the perfect family-friendly retreat in your own home or backyard. It is important to assess your family’s specific needs and desires as you begin your search for the best family-friendly hot tub. Finding the best hot tub for your family is a personalized decision that will require the input of your entire family.

Once you have chosen the best hot tub for your family, you can look forward to creating lasting memories that you can look back on many years from now. Remember that your peace of mind is priceless, so finding the hot tub that not only can accommodate your family’s needs but that is simple to use and maintain is vital.

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