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Exploring Hot Tub Financing: Understanding the Costs and Options for Your Investment
Exploring Hot Tub Financing: Understanding the Costs and Options for Your Investment
Written by Kimberly Giraldo
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Once you’ve decided that you need a hot tub to help you, your family, and your loved ones destress, relax, and unwind, you’ll probably have a lot of questions surrounding hot tub ownership. You may be look at pricing and wonder about the range in prices, You may wonder what exactly that sticker price includes. You may also be curious about how hot tub financing works.

These are all valid questions. This article will provide you with answers to these questions to help you determine how you can purchase a hot tub on nearly any budget. It will also help you understand hot tub costs and financing options that are available with an investment such as a luxury hot tub. Finally, it will present you with questions to ask yourself that can not only help your narrow down the best hot tub for you but can also help you find the best financing options for you. Read on to explore everything you need to know about hot tub financing.

How much does a hot tub cost?

Before considering hot tub financing, you may want to start by answering the question: “How much does a hot tub cost.” You may have already done extensive research and discovered that the cost of hot tubs that seem similar can be vastly difference. There is usually a good reason for this—the simple answer is quality.

Consider why you are purchasing a hot tub and how you would like your hot tub to perform for you. Think of it in terms of purchasing another significant and long-term investment, such as a vehicle. You need your car to be reliable, durable, and comfortable. Quite simply: You need your car to perform. You don’t want to have to worry about whether or not it’s going to start when you need to go somewhere or if it’s going to break down during a road trip. Safety and comfort are paramount. However, it never hurts to have all the bells and whistles that truly take your driving entertainment and enjoyment to the next level.

Based on those factors, you will probably buy the best vehicle you can afford. The same applies to a hot tub. It is a long-term investment that can provide entertainment, relaxation, and stress relief. It can also serve as your special place to practice self-care, where you can go to re-energize and recharge from your long day. It also needs to be reliable. It needs to be ready to perform when you are ready to unwind. Just as with your vehicle, safety and comfort are likely two of the top priorities when it comes to your hot tub.

You will also probably want to invest in the best features to enhance your hot tub experience since this is a long-term investment—not only financially but also in your well-being. All these things add up to a luxury hot tub that is designed to work when you need it, that provides a simplistic approach to the highest quality water care and filtration systems, and that is straightforward and simple to use. You want a luxury hot tub that you can count on to make your self-care easy and stress-free.

Hot tubs are often categorized as entry level, mid-level, premium, and luxury. Depending on the hot tub brand or manufacturer, the price range within each of these categories will vary. Entry level hot tubs can range from $6,500 to $10,499. However, as an entry level hot tub, it may not have the high level of features that can deliver the level of hydrotherapy that you deserve. A mid-level spa is the next range up, and a model in this category can range from $10,500 to $14,499.

Next is the premium hot tub category. Models in this range can cost anywhere from $14,500 to $18,499. Finally, the cream of the crop is the luxury hot tub category. A model in this category can cost $18,500 or more. However, this cost is relative to the high-quality and unmatched experience that a luxury hot tub can deliver for years to come.

While budget- and entry-level models provide a more cost-effective way to purchase a hot tub, you may find that a mid-level, premium, or luxury model can better serve your needs over the long run. This is because a lesser quality hot tub may end up costing more in repairs or service, maintenance, chemicals, supplies, and operating costs. This is where hot tub financing can be very helpful. Financing can help you obtain the hot tub of your dreams while minding your budget.

How can I finance a hot tub?

If you plan to finance a hot tub, the best place to start when it comes to financing hot tubs is your local authorized spa dealership. They can help guide you through the process of selecting the hot tub of your dreams that can bring you years of relaxation, stress relief, and enjoyment. Once you’ve selected the best spa for you, your hot tub dealer can advise you through the steps of hot tub finance so it’s clear and simple.

Finding a trusted spa dealer in your area that specializes in the brand of hot tub that are you seeking is a very important place to start if you plan to finance a hot tub. They can provide insight as to the financing process and also inform you of any special offers that can further help you obtain the hot tub of your dreams for a nominal monthly payment. You may be surprised to learn that you can get a luxury hot tub for less than you might think through financing options.

The exact cost you will be responsible for on a monthly basis will depend on a number of factors. These can include the initial buy-in cost of the hot tub, the interest rate, and the length of your payment terms. As you are shopping for your future hot tub, your spa dealer can help give you an idea of what your monthly payment may be on a particular model if you plan to take advantage of financing options. If you have approved credit you may be able to enjoy special terms financing offers through your local spa dealer.

When you visit a spa showroom, you may want to be prepared to ask some of the following questions to form a clearer idea of their specific financing options:

• Do you have any special offers if I finance my hot tub?

• What is the current interest rate?

• What will my monthly payment be?

• What does my monthly payment cover and are there any additional costs I will be responsible for?

• What is the term of my loan?

Finally, as you are selecting your future hot tub, you’ll want to ensure you choose the perfect model that will provide you with joy, relaxation, pleasure, and fun for many years. Before you visit your local spa showroom, make sure you narrow down your list of priorities. A few important factors to consider are:

• Excellent craftmanship and timeless design elements

• Best available water management and filtration systems

• Specialty jets and ergonomic seating

• Seat options (such as open seating, lounge seating, or a combination of the two as well as a cool-down seat)

• Easy-to-use controls and smart technology to help monitor and manage your hot tub use

• Ambiance-enhancing elements and convenience items such as lighting, sound systems, soothing waterfalls, comfortable pillows, lighted cup holders, and other amenities that elevate your hot tub experience

When viewing hot tubs at your local spa dealership, you’ll also want to ensure you have a few items in order to help you further narrow down your choices. Before shopping for your future hot tub, consider the following questions?

• Who will be using my hot tub?

• What is the main purpose for wanting a hot tub? (For example, for stress relief, to connect with family and friends, to entertain a group, to relax and unwind, and so on.)

• How much space do I have to accommodate a hot tub?

• How often will I be using my hot tub?

• Where will my hot tub be placed, indoors or outdoors?

• What kind of foundation will support my hot tub?

With this information, you should feel empowered and educated to make the best choice when it comes to financing your future hot tub. As you continue your research, it’s important to remember that your well-being and happiness are invaluable. Your dream hot tub can not only improve your physical wellness, but it can bring you joy, entertainment, relaxation, and connection with your loved ones. These are all things that can vastly improve your quality of life. So don’t shortchange yourself when it comes to selecting the very best hot tub that can help you achieve all these things and more.

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