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Finding Relaxation Nearby: Exploring Spa Stores Near Me for Your Ultimate Retreat
Finding Relaxation Nearby: Exploring Spa Stores Near Me for Your Ultimate Retreat
Written by Kimberly Giraldo
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As you create your ultimate spa retreat, you’ll have a lot of decision-making to do. First, you’ll want to research the various types of spas to determine the right choice for you. You may also want to make a list of your “must-haves” when it comes to the amenities and features of your future hot tub. And, of course, you’ll want to determine where you’ll be placing your hot tub and how much space you have to accommodate it.

Another aspect of your search for the best hot tub for you will be exploring spa stores near you. This is perhaps one of the most exciting parts of your hot tub shopping experience, and can really help you make decisions on your dream spa. Exploring a spa store gives you the opportunity to see, touch and even experience the spa you may eventually make your own.

This article will help you determine how to find the right spa store near you where you can find your ultimate spa retreat. With a little education before your visit, you can get the most out of your spa store experience. This will ensure you choose the best spa for you.

What is a spa store?

A spa store is a showroom that showcases select models of various hot tub brands. Generally, a reputable spa store will carry a variety of luxury models from several premium hot tub brands. Now, of course, there are alternatives to shopping at a brick-and-mortar store, such as purchasing online directly from a particular hot tub manufacturer. However, when purchasing a hot tub from a luxury brand, you will still typically work with a local dealer, even if you begin your purchase online.

Another alternative is a hot tub expo. This type of event can introduce you to a wide array of brands and models. However, be cautious about purchasing a spa from a vendor at an expo. Hot tub vendors at an expo may not be representing high-quality brands that will stand the test of time. Another con to purchasing a spa from a vendor at an expo is that you may not have the reliability and credibility of a licensed dealer at a spa store near you. A licensed dealer at a nearby spa store should be a trusted professional who can help you with any problems or concerns during the life of your hot tub ownership.

How do I find the right spa store near me?

When finding relaxation nearby through a local spa store, you’ll want to first determine what type of spa you are looking to purchase and have a little knowledge about the brands that you might want to purchase from. Then, you can find a nearby spa store that carries those brands. For example, if you are looking for a Jacuzzi® hot tub, you can search your nearest authorized Jacuzzi® dealer directly on the website.

Most reputable spa showrooms will only carry premium brands that have pristine reputations and stand behind their products. When making a long-term investment such as a hot tub, the reliability and credibility of both brand and dealership are essential. When looking for spa stores near you, take a look at the brands they carry.

To find the right spa store near you, consider the following:

-Location. You know the adage, “location, location, location.” If you are looking for a spa store near you, this is important. You can search nearby spa stores by zip code to find availability in your area.

-Reputation. You will have your future spa for many years and you will want to have a solid, trusted relationship with your spa dealer. This individual or team can help guide you through routine maintenance or offer service for any repairs needed down the line. So you will want to ensure the spa store you select is not only convenient, but also credible.

Selection. You’ll want to make sure the spa store you visit has the type or brand of spas you’re interested in viewing. If you are open to options, check out a specific spa store’s website online to view the brands they carry. This can give you an idea of what you’ll be seeing before your visit.

-Brand partnership. If you have your heart set on a specific brand and model of hot tub, you’ll want to make sure the spa store you purchase from carries that brand. Many luxury spa stores will have partnerships or serve as certified dealers of specific brands. An easy way to determine this is to go directly to the hot tub brand’s website to see if they have a “find a hot tub dealer near me” option.

What should I do before I visit a spa store?

Just like the purchase of a vehicle, purchasing a hot tub is a big investment — one that can bring you and your family years of soothing relaxation and entertainment. So when you are ready to make a purchase, you’ll want to be confident that you’ve examined all your options and chosen the very best spa for you.

Determine your budget. A little research online can give you a general idea about hot tub costs, from entry-level to luxury models. It’s important to note that hot tubs range greatly in price depending on a variety of factors, including quality of materials, brand reputation, standard features as well as optional features, upgraded water systems and filtration systems, and more. When you are figuring out your budget, you will want to take into consideration not only the initial buy-in of the hot tub model itself, but you’ll also want to factor in additional costs such as delivery and installation, maintenance and supplies costs, and operating costs.

As it relates to budget, purchasing your hot tub from a spa store near you can be beneficial because they may have financing options, special offers, or both, to help you obtain the hot tub of your dreams without breaking your budget.

Measure your space. Where you intend to have your hot tub placed is another important determination to make before you visit to a spa store. As you build your ultimate retreat, accommodating ample space for your hot tub is a vital part of your due diligence. You’ll want to measure the area where you plan to place your spa. You’ll also want to allow for plenty of space for you and other bathers to comfortably and safely get in and out of the hot tub. To create an inviting backyard sanctuary around your spa, you may want to place a gazebo around your hot tub or outdoor seating where you, your family, and your friends can sit and relax before or after a soak in your spa.

Prepare the proper foundation. Just as important as where you plan to place your hot tub and the space you have to accommodate it, is the foundation upon which your spa will sit. You’ll want to ensure your spa is installed on a level, flat surface. Some options include concrete, a prefabricated hot tub foundation pad or a well-built deck that is strong enough to support the weight of the spa when filled with water as well as bathers.

Make a priority list. You likely want a hot tub to enjoy the soothing and relaxing benefits. But beyond that, it’s a good idea to determine how else your hot tub can best benefit you and your family for years to come. Do you want to use your hot tub mostly for the relaxation and therapeutic benefits or are you focused more on socializing and connecting with loved ones and friends while relaxing? Perhaps you are hoping to ease muscle tension or joint pain through your hot tub use. Or still, you may want a swim spa that combines the benefits of a traditional hot tub with a fitness training element.

Determine the type of spa you want, and the type of experience you want to have in that spa. Next, make a wish list of features that you want to experience in your hot tub. Once you narrow down these aspects, you’ll be well on your way to the next step of your journey to becoming a spa owner.

What questions should I ask during my visit to a spa store?

Once you’ve found a reputable spa store nearby, it’s time for a visit. As you view the various models, take a close look and ask about the following:

-Jets. A multitude of jets is good. Strategic placement is even better. Look for high-volume/low-pressure directional jets that are placed so they correspond with the areas of your body you’d like to target through hydromassage.

-Seats. Ask the dealer about the seating options of hot tub models you like. You can ask them to explain how the various seating options are designed for different massage combinations. For example, ask how lounge seats deliver full-body therapy and why cool-down seats above the waterline can be great for children or as a place to transition in and out of the hot tub.

-Materials. You will have your hot tub for years to come. The durability of the spa’s materials can prolong its lifespan. As the dealer about the different material options that can help you maximize energy efficiency. For example, you want to look for UV-resistant materials.

-Water Management System. A quality water management system is a vital asset to your experience as a hot tub owner. Ask your spa dealer about the various models and their water management systems. Some models may have options to upgrade the system as well. As a general rule, the more stages of filtration, the cleaner* your water will potentially be.

Exploring spa stores near you is a vital part of your hot tub decision. When creating your ultimate spa retreat, spend some time researching the right spa store for you. Once you visit a store, ask all the necessary questions to ensure you feel confident in your spa purchase.

*Clean is defined as the removal of microscopic (down to 3-micron level, varies by model) debris from the water. The CLEARRAY Active Oxygen® System utilizes various technologies to achieve cleanliness. One of them is ozone, which aids in the grouping of smaller debris to form larger clusters that can be more easily captured in the filtration process.

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