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The Perfect Gathering Place: Exploring the Best 8-Person Hot Tubs for Social Relaxation
The Perfect Gathering Place: Exploring the Best 8-Person Hot Tubs for Social Relaxation
Written by Kimberly Giraldo
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If you are thinking of purchasing a hot tub for the purpose of social relaxation, there are many options and factors to consider. An 8 person hot tub from a premium spa company can be a great choice to accommodate a large family or a group of friends for a casual soak. This article will explore factors of the best 8 person hot tubs to ensure you make the most of your social relaxation.


One of the benefits to keep in mind when exploring spas is the dimensions of the unit itself. Most high-quality premium brands, such as Jacuzzi®, make portable hot tubs that are designed to offer the maximum amount of hot tub soaking space within a contained unit that doesn’t take up too much space in your backyard. Exact 8 person hot tub dimensions will vary by brand and model.

There are many Jacuzzi® hot tubs to fit any home and every inch of a Jacuzzi® hot tub is designed to enhance your relaxing hydromassage. For example, an average 8 person Jacuzzi® hot tub with 8-9 seats is 91 inches by 110 inches, whereas an average 2-3 seat Jacuzzi® spa is 76 inches by 66 inches. Based on this, you can maximize your spa experience, and accommodate more family and friends, without taking up much more space in your yard.

It’s also important to understand that an 8 person hot tub can potentially accommodate more than that — or less than that — depending on the seating configurations that you choose for your hot tub. Most hot tub models will offer multiple seating options. These can include open seating, a lounge seat and a cool down seat. An explanation of these seats can help you determine what type of seating configuration would best suit your needs for a hot tub social gathering place.

Open Seating — Open seating refers to angled upright seats within the hot tub that are configured to encourage socialization during a soak. Depending on the hot tub brand and model, the seats can be equipped with specialty jets to further enhance your hydrotherapy massage while enjoying social time. Typically, the design of open seating allows more of your friends and family to experience the hot tub at the same time. The nature of 8 person hot tubs with open seating allows all your hot tub guests to be positioned in a way where everyone can see each other and easily converse while still being angled to enjoy the jets within the seats. If you are seeking a hot tub specific for entertaining and socialization, an 8 person spa with an open seating configuration may be the best option for your needs.

Lounge Seat — Lounge seating in a portable hot tub or a hot tub lounger refers to a seat within the hot tub that allows you to sit back in a reclined position. A lounge seat in a high-quality hot tub will be designed to provide you with an effective full-body massage that soothes you with specialty jets from head to toe. A lounge seat has multiple jets configured throughout and a foot dome or elevated footrest. A lounge seat can be likened to a reclining chair or a sun lounge chair.

Lounge seats are specifically designed for full-body hydrotherapy. While the massaging aspects of this type of seat can be unmatched, they are not necessarily configured in a way that allows you to easily conversate with friends and family. This is important to keep in mind when you are exploring the best 8 person hot tubs for social relaxation.

Cool Down Seat — Another seating option to consider in an 8 person spa is a cool down seat. This serves as an area where you can transition in and out of the hot tub as well as a place to enjoy the hot tub and the social relaxation with family and friends without being fully immersed in the spa. A cool down seat can be a great option for groups with children as well as those that are more petite in height.

Seating options will vary from brand to brand and even across models within the same brand. It is strongly recommended to do a wet test before making a final purchase so you get a better idea of how the spa will “measure up” to you and your family members.

Jet Configuration

Jets are another vital aspect of your decision when exploring the best 8 person hot tubs for social relaxation. The jets provide massage and hydrotherapy during your soak. Not all hot tub jets are the same, and some jets are designed to provide a specific type of massage.

Jacuzzi® hot tubs offer a variety of Jacuzzi® PowerPro® Jets, each designed to deliver a specific hydrotherapy. For example, the MX is the original performance therapy jet that has a completely adjustable nozzle with a 60-degree range to focus exactly where you need it. It produces bold, high-volume massage action as part of the MX therapy seat. The FX features an exclusive spiral design focused on smaller muscle groups with stimulating pressure points in the shoulders, back and feet. The spiral flow of these jets drives energetic impact in the Jacuzzi® FX therapy seat.

If massage therapy is just as important to you as social relaxation in your 8 person hot tub, do some research about the jets and their configurations in the models you are interested in. This way you can enjoy soothing hydromassage while relaxing and socializing with loved ones.

Jacuzzi® J-495™ 8 person spa review

The Jacuzzi® J-495™ model is one example of an 8 person hot tub designed for social relaxation. Depending on seating configuration, it can accommodate eight to nine bathers at one time. The dimensions of this model are 91 by 110 by 37.5-43.5 inches. The dry weight is 1,091 pounds, while the total filled weight is 5,261 pounds. This model includes a combination of nine types of Jacuzzi® PowerPro® Jets, 71 in total, including specialty Jacuzzi® PowerPro® FX-D, RX and PX Jets. These jets are standard as well as other desirable features including:

-Adjustable Headrests

-Illuminated Waterfall

-5-Stage Filtration System

-CLEARRAY Active Oxygen® System

-CLEARRAY® On-demand

-ProStream™ Filtration Pump

-Floating Propolymer Foundation

-Dual Insulation for Energy Efficiency

-ProFinish® Cabinetry

-Tool-Free Cabinet Removal

-ProLast™ Cover

-Quick Drain System

-Distinct High Back Design

-Premium LED Lighting

-Illuminated Cup Holders

-Status Indicator Light

-Exterior Lights

-ProTouch™ Control

This model is also Jacuzzi® SmartTub® System compatible. Featuring an app, this remote monitoring system makes managing your hot tub easy and convenient from anywhere, near or far.

Other factors

Besides size, there are many factors you should consider when making your 8 person hot tub purchase. While you are making your final decision, you’ll also want to take the following factors into consideration to help you further determine which hot tub model is right for you:


For most people, budget will be a factor in any important investment. The good news is that most premium spa brands offer a wide range of collections and models, so you can still purchase a very high-quality hot tub from a reputable brand while minding your budget.


Keep in mind that the seating configurations will determine how many people the hot tub will accommodate. On the other hand, the size of the hot tub refers to the dimensions that you’ll need to consider when allowing space for the unit in your backyard.

Placement and Accessibility

You’ll also want to determine where you’ll be placing the hot tub once purchased as well as allowing for ample space around the spa itself for you and your guests to get in and out comfortably.


A solid foundation for your portable hot tub is another important factor to consider. There are many options such as a prefabricated pad, concrete, paving stones and decks, so long as it is built to support the weight of an 8 person spa when filled with water and bathers.

Climate, seasons, and exposure to the elements

Climate and seasons can be something to factor into your decision as well. For example, if you live in a very cold climate, you may want to have your hot tub placed closer to your home and under a patio or gazebo. A shade structure can not only provide some protection from the elements but also adds an extra layer of privacy. You’ll also want to ensure your hot tub has excellent insulation so the water temperature of your 8 person spa is maintained even in extreme weather. Regardless of the climate or the seasons, a quality hot tub cover can also be an invaluable accessory to help you protect your hot tub. When in use, it can protect your hot tub the elements, maintain water temperature and keep bugs, dirt and debris out of the water.

Visit a hot tub dealer

When exploring the best 8 person hot tubs for relaxation, it’s a good idea to visit a reputable hot tub dealer in your area. During a visit, you can see and touch the various brands and models that they carry. Once you determine a specific 8 person spa that you like, you can arrange for a wet test. This will give you a better idea of how the jets move and feel. A wet test also allows you to sit in open seats and lounge seats while the 8 person hot tub is filled. This is an important aspect of your hot tub research because some people experience “floating” out of a lounge seat while others may sit lower or higher in an open seat due to their height. Once you are in the spa when it’s filled and the jets are engaged, you can experience how the angles and heights of the seats feel and make sure that you don’t drift out of the seats. Once you’ve decided upon the 8 seater hot tub that is right for you and your family, you can discuss additional details with the hot tub dealer such as financing, warranties, delivery, foundation, installation and more.

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