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Are Jacuzzi® hot tubs hard to maintain?
Are Jacuzzi® hot tubs hard to maintain?
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If you’re thinking about purchasing a hot tub, chances are you have done a lot of research and have been asking a lot of questions about hot tub ownership. There are many things to consider — from the initial hot tub purchase itself to the maintenance involved to ensure your hot tub runs efficiently for many years to come.

If you have been looking at premium brands, particularly Jacuzzi® hot tubs, you may wonder, “Are Jacuzzi® hot tubs hard to maintain?” This article serves to answer that question and to inform you of the many ways that Jacuzzi® hot tubs are designed to make hot tub ownership easy. Read on to learn about some of the aspects of a Jacuzzi® hot tub that make it virtually hassle-free to own and maintain.

Are Jacuzzi® hot tubs hard to maintain?

Jacuzzi® hot tubs are designed to be hassle-free and virtually maintenance-free. Jacuzzi has spent decades serving as a leader in this industry by introducing many cutting-edge and proprietary technologies that not only ensure your hydrotherapy is the most enjoyable and beneficial, but also that your experience as a hot tub owner is easy and stress free. That said, Jacuzzi® hot tubs are equipped with, or compatible with, a multitude of features that make them easy for you to own, operate, and maintain.

Water care in a Jacuzzi® hot tub

Maintaining clean and safe water is an important part of caring for any hot tub. Ensuring you have clean and safe water is one of the Jacuzzi® brand’s highest priorities.

Jacuzzi offers the CLEARRAY Active Oxygen® System, which utilizes various technologies to achieve cleanliness. One of the water care innovations is the combination of ozone and UV-C technology. Ozone aids in the grouping of smaller debris to form larger clusters that can be more easily captured in the filtration process. UV-C is an ultraviolet (UV) sanitation system uses UV-C germicidal light rays to help keep your hot tub water clean and free of bacteria.

With the CLEARRAY Active Oxygen® System, which is standard on all Jacuzzi® acrylic spas, ozonated water is exposed to a UV-C bulb to energize the molecules, unlocking Active Oxygen to clean and giving Jacuzzi® hot tub owners have a hands-free approach to water care.

This system uses multiple technologies to clean the water — providing you with peace of mind that your water is cleaner, longer, while also ensuring you clean less.

It is important to note that an ozonator fitted or used incorrectly can cause potential damage and ozone in its pure form is potentially hazardous. However the ozone systems Jacuzzi® installs to hot tubs ozone levels are safe for use and have no known effect to the hot tub.

Filtration care in a Jacuzzi® hot tub

Filtration is another key aspect of maintaining your hot tub. This is another area where the Jacuzzi® brand has employed technologies to ensure your hot tub water is clean without much maintenance on your part. The Jacuzzi® five-stage filtration process** results in cleaner water, which means fewer water changes and less effort for you. It works like this:

STAGE 1 and 2 — The skimmer and unique mesh ProCatch™ filter work together to clean the water surface and trap large debris for easy removal.

STAGE 3 — This exclusive system features a 60-square-foot ProClarity® filter connected directly to a ProStream™ filtration pump that filters an incredible 35 gallons of water per minute, resulting in clean water faster.

STAGE 4 — The ProClarity® depth load filter polishes the water down to a 3 micron level.

STAGE 5 — The second 60-square-foot ProClarity® filter cleans and activates when you are using the hot tub. This doubles the filtration when you need it the most.

With excellent water care and filtration management systems, Jacuzzi® hot tubs are made to be nearly maintenance free. But Jacuzzi takes it even further to make hot tub ownership and maintenance even easier with features such as the Jacuzzi® SmartTub® remote monitoring system.

What is the Jacuzzi® SmartTub® remote monitoring system?

Managing and monitoring your hot tub usage is always within arms’ reach with the Jacuzzi® SmartTub® system, the patented industry-first system that acts as your personal hot tub assistant right from your smart device. Once again, in an effort to make hot tub maintenance simple and straightforward, the Jacuzzi® SmartTub® system makes it easy for you to control and check your hot tub’s status from anywhere, along with the ability to receive alerts to your smart device. Through the app, you can monitor your Jacuzzi® hot tub, manage energy usage and much more. The Jacuzzi® SmartTub® system and app allow you to perform a multitude of simple maintenance and management items from the touch of a button, such as:

-Adjusting the temperature, jets, and lights

-Locking your hot tub to prevent usage

-Setting up an automated usage schedule

-Getting real-time notifications and reminders even during a power outage, as it is equipped with a backup battery

-Tracking energy usage reports

-Pairing with Siri®, Alexa®, and Google Assistant™ virtual personal assistant and wearables

-Enjoying new features updated automatically, software updates, and a simple, reliable cellular connection

-Automatically your dealer if your hot tub needs attention

-Detecting power outages, freezing, and overheating

-Optimizing energy savings with industry-first Smart Heat Mode, which learns your usage and lets you control how much energy you use

Furthermore, you can enhance your security and savings with the remote monitoring upgrade, which offers the following features:

-Cover sensor to remind you if your cover is open

-Detection that alerts you if there is water near sensitive components

-Time-saving drain and refill sensor that detects when your hot tub has finished filling, finished draining or when your water level is too low

Designed to further take the job of hot tub maintenance off your plate, the Jacuzzi® SmartTub® system even automatically alerts your local dealer if your hot tub needs attention. It can also detect power outages, freezing, and overheating. Through the industry-first Smart Heat Mode, the Jacuzzi® SmartTub® system also optimizes energy savings by learning your usage and allowing you to control how much energy you use through the app.

The importance of a hot tub cover

In addition to monitoring and managing your hot tub usage through this technology, you can also maintain your hot tub water’s heat with a Jacuzzi® ProLast™ cover. The use of this high-quality cover not only helps lock in your hot tub’s temperature when not in use, but it also helps keep dirt, debris, and bugs from getting into the water. This eliminates the need for you to have to skim the water to remove impurities before your next soak.

The Jacuzzi® brand takes hot tub care and maintenance into consideration from the very start of design and manufacturing so that you can worry less about your hot tub and spend more time enjoying it. So in response to the question, “Are Jacuzzi® hot tubs hard to maintain?”, the simple answer is no.

They are in fact designed to be very easy to maintain and virtually hassle free. Through a multitude of technologies and systems — from water care and management to hot tub usage monitoring and energy efficient applications — Jacuzzi® hot tubs require less work from you. This gives you more time to utilize and enjoy the many other amazing technologies of a Jacuzzi® hot tub, such as its specialty jets that take hydromassage to the next level.

If you’re looking for a hot tub that requires you to spend less time on maintenance and more time relaxing, a Jacuzzi® hot tub may be the right choice for you.

*Clean is defined as the removal of microscopic (down to 3 micron level, varies by model) debris from the water. The CLEARRAY Active Oxygen® System utilizes various technologies to achieve cleanliness. One of them is ozone, which aids in the grouping of smaller debris to form large clusters that can be more easily captured in the filtration process.

**Stages of filtration may vary by collection.

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