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Is it worth getting a lounger in a hot tub?
Is it worth getting a lounger in a hot tub?
Written by Kimberly Giraldo
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When you’re beginning your research prior to purchasing a hot tub, you’ll likely have a lot of questions. Many of those questions will be specific to your personal needs and wants surrounding hot tub ownership. However, there are some universal questions that often come up during the research phase. We will review one of the major ones in this article.

One of the most common questions asked is: “Is it worth getting a lounger in a hot tub?” Here, we’ll present some information as well as pros and cons to help you determine if a lounger would be best suited for your hot tub experience.

What is a hot tub lounger?

A lounge seat or lounger in a hot tub is a seat integrated into the hot tub that allows you to elevate your legs and feet and lean back into the seat. Imagine a sofa lounge chair or one designed for sunbathing. A hot tub lounger is built into the hot tub, allowing you to quite literally kick your feet up, sit back, and relax.

Does it cost more to have a lounger in a hot tub?

With most decisions, particularly longtime investments such as a hot tub, budget is going to be a factor. When you’re doing your research you will learn that a lounger doesn’t directly impact the final cost of your hot tub. Rather, lounger seats are available in some models and not in others. For example, within the three Jacuzzi® hot tub collections, the J-400™ Collection, the J-300™ Collection and the J-200™ Collection, there are multiple model choices. Some of these offer a lounge seat and others offer what is referred to as open seating.

Across these three collections, there are Jacuzzi® hot tubs that offer lounge seating in models designed for five to seven or more people. Generally, a lounger in a hot tub does take up more space than open seating. That factor should be taken into consideration when you think about who will be using the hot tub and how many people will be using it any given time.

What are the pros of a lounger in a hot tub?

A lounger in a hot tub is intended to give you a full body massage while you’re reclining back in the water with your legs and feet up and your head above water. In a Jacuzzi® hot tub, the lounger is equipped with proprietary Jacuzzi® PowerPro® jets for a complete hydromassage experience. During a soak in a Jacuzzi® hot tub, heat, buoyancy, and optional massage are combined to maximize this experience.

What are the cons of a lounger in a hot tub?

A lounge seat in a hot tub can take up more space than open seating. If your intentions are to use your hot tub for socializing and entertaining, you’ll either want a larger hot tub that can still include a lounge seat or opt for a model that has open seating. A lounger can take up the seating space that could accommodate two to three people in an open seating model. It’s also important to consider that being in a lounger position in some spas can lead to floating out of the seat. Depth of the spa relative to your height is another factor to take into consideration when thinking about whether you want a lounger in your spa. If you are really set on a lounger, we strongly advise setting an appointment at your local dealer for a private soak. This “wet test” will allow you to try out the lounge seat with jets running.

With this insight, we hope you can determine the answer to whether it is worth getting a lounger in a hot tub based on your specific needs. A lounger can provide many benefits, especially if you’re looking for complete hydrotherapy. If you’re less concerned about the health aspects and simply want to enjoy a soothing social soak with friends and family, a hot tub with open seating may be the option for you.

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