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Low cost hot tubs – will cheap cost you?
Low cost hot tubs – will cheap cost you?
Written by Kimberly Giraldo
Updated over a week ago

When it comes to making a large purchase like a car or hot tub it is understandable that budget is a major factor. When researching hot tubs, you’ll find a wide range of costs. A lower cost hot tub may be enticing as a way to save money. However, before taking the plunge, you may want to ask yourself: “Low cost hot tubs — will cheap cost you?”

We encourage you to read on as we explain why the lowest priced spa may end up costing you more in the end. We’ll also go through some of the important factors of a higher cost or higher quality hot tub that will help you get the most from your investment for years to come.

Low cost hot tubs – will cheap cost you?

The short answer to this question is yes. While for most people budget is an important factor in every large financial decision, an initial higher investment in a more quality hot tub will actually save you not only money but also time, hassle, and stress over the years of your hot tub ownership. This is due to quality craftmanship of materials and parts that are designed to last the test of time — and require you to do less to keep your hot tub running effectively. That equates to fewer purchases of chemicals and supplies as well as less money spent on maintenance and repairs. As an added bonus, a higher cost/higher quality hot tub will provide a more comprehensive hydromassage due to proprietary jets and other engineering details that provide a superior experience. If you want to purchase a hot tub for the wellness benefits, this should be an invaluable aspect of your final decision. Keep in mind many hot tubbers enjoy a quality spa for 10-15 years while also enjoying lower electric bills than they would have using a discount spa.

What should I look for in a hot tub?

There are multiple factors that are important to consider when you are narrowing down your spa selection. While price is important, you’ll also want to keep the following in mind:

Reputation and Longevity — There are many companies that sell low cost hot tubs. However, if you are looking for your spa to stand the test of time, you’ll want to purchase a hot tub from a reputable company that has been in business for a significant amount of time and that has a stellar reputation. Some companies, particularly those that sell in expo settings are notorious for disappearing when it comes time to make a warranty claim, for example.

Materials and Design — A well-designed hot tub made with finer materials will last longer than a less quality designed spa made with cheaper materials. For example, Jacuzzi® hot tubs, which are made with high-quality materials and engineered with attention to detail and craftsmanship can last you between 10-15 years, whereas an initially cheaper hot tub may only last a third of that time.

Insulation and High Quality Hot Tub Cover — The importance of excellent insulation cannot be understated. This is one way to ensure energy efficiency and retain your water temperature for longer. A very high-quality hot tub cover can also be instrumental in this as well. A low cost hot tub will likely not have the superior insulation or quality hot tub cover compatible with a higher-end spa. Ultimately, you’ll pay the price in higher operating costs to maintain that heat.

Jet Function and Placement — The number of jets, their power and their placement will determine the quality of your hydrotherapy experience. This is definitely not an area to scrimp on if you intend to use your hot tub to help relieve body pain or tension and soothe muscles.

Water Care — A hot tub with a high-quality water care system can ensure your safety while enjoying your hot tub. It can also make water maintenance a lot easier. This is another key element of a higher quality hot tub that can provide peace of mind down the road. The fewer chemicals you need to use and purchase equates to less money in upkeep as well.

Smart Technology — Convenience is everything when it comes to operating your hot tub. Low cost hot tubs may not have the advanced smart technology of a higher quality spa. If the hot tub is inconvenient to use or operate, you may end up using it less than you intended — making it a more costly investment than a higher cost one that gets used again and again.

Optional Upgrades — A company that offers low cost hot tubs may not be able to offer optional upgrades that enhance your hot tub experience. And fit your lifestyle. A high-quality spa brand will. Some of these upgrades can include even higher quality water care and filtration systems, lighting, sound systems, smart technology enhancements, and other elements that level up your spa experience.

Warranties and Financing — While keeping your budget in mind, it is also important to factor in warranty and financing options. These can help ease the initial cost factor and can be done through a trusted spa dealership.

Professional Dealer Partnership — Higher end spa companies will have certified dealers that understand the ins and outs of their products so they can best guide shoppers to the right hot tub for their needs and their budget. When you are looking for a hot tub, remember that working with a reliable and credible dealership that partners with reputable hot tub brands is essential.

As you complete your hot tub research, we believe that this article will have appropriately answered the question, “Low cost hot tubs – will cheap cost you?” A hot tub should provide you and your loved ones with years of wellness and enjoyment — not stress and hassle. A higher end hot tub may cost you more initially. However, this investment is well worth it for a better overall experience and product for the long run.

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