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What size hot tub should I buy?
What size hot tub should I buy?
Written by Kimberly Giraldo
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There are many important factors to ponder when you’re making a hot tub purchase. You will want to consider the brand, the model, the features (standard and optional), the shape, the jets and more. One of the most crucial elements of your hot tub decision should be size. You may wonder: “What size hot tub should I buy?” There are many things that will determine the answer to this question. This article will cover pertinent information, and prompt additional questions that can help you decide what size hot tub will be right for you and your family. Read on to learn about the many determining factors that can help you answer the question: “What size hot tub should I buy?”

What are the hot tub sizes?

There are many different hot tub sizes. Premium hot tub brands may offer various models in three categories — small hot tubs, medium hot tubs and large hot tubs. Generally, the small hot tub category is designed for 2-3 people; the medium hot tub category is suited for 4-5 people; and the large hot tub category is ideal for 6-8 or more hot tubbers. When you are deciding what size hot tub you should buy, consider how many people will be using the hot tub at any given time. Keep in mind, depending on brand and model, the actual hot tub dimensions will vary.

What are the hot tub seating options?

It’s also important to understand that the number of people a hot tub can accommodate depends on the seating of that particular model. For example, open seating generally accommodates more people in a particular size category than a hot tub with lounge seating in that same size category.

This is due to the fact that a lounge seat offers a full-body experience where you are positioned in a reclined fashion, similar to a recliner chair or a sun lounger. This positioning allows a more comprehensive hydrotherapy massage thanks to multiple jets throughout the lounge seat. However, a lounge seat also takes up more space in the hot tub itself. When you are asking yourself “what size hot tub should I buy,” seating configuration is an important factor to finding the best answer for you.

Understanding the relationship between hot tub size and hot tub dimensions

Hot tub size goes beyond the seating and how many people the hot tub can accommodate. You’ll want to understand the hot tub dimensions of the entire unit itself. If you’re considering a portable hot tub in which the unit is self-contained in a shell, the seating in the interior of the hot tub can help you determine how many people it can accommodate. The dimensions of the entire hot tub can help you determine how much space the hot tub will require in your backyard.

Here at Jacuzzi, we take the footprint of each of our hot tubs into great consideration, allowing you to get the maximum amount of hot tub without taking up much space in your yard. A Jacuzzi® hot tub with more massage combinations requires only a slightly larger footprint, yet a little extra space can have a large impact on crafting a more transformative soaking experience. For example, on average, a small Jacuzzi® hot tub with seating for 2-3 is 76x66 inches; a medium Jacuzzi® hot tub with seating for 4-6 is 84x84 inches; an average size hot tub with seating for 6-7 is 91x91 inches; and the biggest hot tub with seating for 8-9 is 91x110 inches. The jump in size from the small hot tub to the largest hot tub is not that dramatic, but the larger hot tub has the ability to accommodate quite a few more people while also offering more massage combinations. This is just one example — with so many models, there’s a Jacuzzi® hot tub to fit any space. The Jacuzzi® company offers a wide range of collections with various sizes, seating options and other features and amenities to suit your needs.

Who is going to be using my hot tub?

Another important question that will help you determine the answer to the initial question of, “What size hot tub should I buy?” is: “Who is going to be using my hot tub?” If you have a large family who will all want to enjoy the hot tub together or if you intend to use the hot tub for social entertaining, you may want the largest hot tub available. If you want your hot tub for solo hydrotherapy or intimate couples time or if you have limited space, a small hot tub might be the perfect option for you.

Where will I place my hot tub?

The answer to this question can also help you determine what size hot tub you should buy. Your hot tub will need a solid, level foundation. This could be a prefabricated pad, concrete, paving stones or a deck built to support the weight of the hot tub. You will want some area around your hot tub where you and your hot tub guests can easily get in and out of the hot tub with plenty of room. The space you have in your backyard or on your deck to accommodate a hot tub can also help you determine what size hot tub you should buy.

When you are asking, “What size hot tub should I buy?” consider the benefit of sizing up. If you have the physical space on your deck or patio or in your backyard to accommodate a slightly larger footprint, a larger hot tub can adapt to changing needs. When considering the value of this long-term investment, you may find a larger hot tub can provide multiple seating options (open seating for family and friends combined with a lounger, for example) without significantly impacting your bottom line that much over time.

Beyond considering the information in this article, the best way to determine what size hot tub you should buy is to visit a local hot tub dealer or showroom to view a variety of hot tub models, their physical size and their seating options. Come prepared with the dimensions of the space you have to accommodate your hot tub and your wish list of features and amenities that you would like in your future hot tub. A professional hot tub dealer should be able to help you best determine the best size hot tub for you based on these factors.

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