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Best Luxury Hot Tub for You (Hydropool vs. Jacuzzi vs. Hotspring. Pros, Cons and More.)
Best Luxury Hot Tub for You (Hydropool vs. Jacuzzi vs. Hotspring. Pros, Cons and More.)
Written by Kimberly Giraldo
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Thinking about purchasing a luxury hot tub? Asking yourself what’s the best luxury hot tub between Hydropool®, Jacuzzi®, and HotSpring®? This article will cover the pros and cons of the brands luxury models and more.

We get asked on a regular basis, what’s the best luxury hot tub? Whether you’re looking to buy the very best spa for the ultimate hydromassage experience or for the upgrades they come with, a luxury hot tub offers a wide range of premium options. And there are lots of brands that offer a luxury spa within the industry today.

Hydropool®, Jacuzzi® and HotSpring® are three well established luxury hot tub brands. But that offer luxury hot tubs. But which one is best for you? Here in this article, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of each company’s luxury hot tubs, who the companies are and what exclusive features they offer, all based on generally available information on each company’s website and elsewhere.

How much is a luxury hot tub?

Luxury hot tubs can range from $10,000 to $20,000, depending on the brand you are purchasing and their seating capacity. Optional extras and upgrades also affect the amount you pay, with certain features adding to the price but providing a higher quality experience, whether it be hydromassage, filtration, or additional comforts.

Entry-level vs luxury hot tubs

Entry-level hot tubs tend to cost much less than luxury hot tubs, with an emphasis on providing function and a more basic level of massage experience. Depending on the brand of hot tub you are looking at, this could vary in quality and options.

While variations exist, luxury hot tubs generally offer the most premium features, such as jet technology, variation of design, and optional extras that the brand has to offer. There is a significant difference with luxury hot tubs, which typically provide a greater degree of hydromassage and comfort experience along with exclusive features.

Entry-level hot tubs

  • Basic features- straightforward no frills hydrotherapy and controls

  • Less energy efficient (depending on brand) - may cost more money long term

  • Limited options- Less additional features or upgrades available

  • Lower Jet quality- Not as powerful jets or variety

Luxury hot tubs

  • Advanced hydromassage- Giving you a better massage experience

  • Accented lighting- Enhanced lighting effects and options

  • High quality of build and parts- Longer lasting and more durable

  • More energy efficient- Better parts for lower energy usage

All of the features mentioned in the luxury hot tub section are a part of the three brands spas we’re going to review. This list isn’t all inclusive as there are many brands out there who offer these as well as other features, including the following brands (which are not included in this review):

  • Bullfrog Spas

  • Caldera Spas

  • Master Spas

Hydropool® Hot Tubs

Who are they?

A hot tub and swim spa brand originally founded in Canada, Hydropool was formed in 1978, creating hot tubs. They initially started as retailers with a company called California Spa, Sauna and Fitness and were the first dealer of hot tubs in eastern Canada.

In 1995 they started manufacturing swim spas with the AquaTrainer and have created two other collections to accompany it. Hydropool now has over 400 independent retailers worldwide in 60 different countries. Their hot tubs and swim spas are manufactured in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

The Signature Collection

Hydropool offers premium hot tubs under its Signature collection, which provide you with a variety of options to customize your spa. One of its main appeals is its self-cleaning technology which can clean 100% of your hot tub water in 15 minutes.

The Signature collection comes in 14 models ranging from a 3-person hot tub all the way up to a 9-person model. Hydropool offers a number of optional upgrades which, unlike the J-400™ series and the HighLife® collection, which you will read about in this article, don’t come as standard, meaning you’ll have to pay more for them.


Hydropool provides deep immersion through zone therapy, an approach that offers this in its hydromassage options, with several massage programs as part of this so that you can enjoy a full body massage via the different seats for a set time.

Build & Design

Built to withstand the harshest of weather, the Signature series is built using a wooden frame in a self-supporting cradle and truss design. Its multi-seating layout provides various options for the whole family while creating a Never-Float lounger if you choose a lounge seat.


Hydropool uses a UV and Ozone system, utilizing the power of Ozone and UV exposure to break down bacteria and stop them from spreading. Working with the self-cleaning technology, it eliminates 99% of all containments.


Insulation wise, Hydropool has created its own system called HydroWise Thermal Shield™. The technology employs a reflective foil on the pipework, cabinet and floor of the hot tub that reflects the heat back into the unit.

Overall the Signature series offers a wide range of choices for creating your own hot tub the way you want it. Durable cabinetry, along with the self-cleaning technology, means less maintenance work but also reduces chemical dependency thanks to the UV system.

Where it falls down is its optional upgrades which don’t come as standard, meaning you’ll have to pay more for the premium features such as its Northern Lights package for enhanced lighting effects.


  • Optional PureWater UVC system™- More advanced filtration system.

  • Self-cleaning technology- cleaning system that requires less maintenance

  • Zone therapy hydromassage- specialized programs targeting specific ailments

  • Thermal Shield insulation system- Exclusive energy efficiency system designed by Hydropool iCommand System World Edition™- upgrade available for remote access to your spa anywhere with cellular connection


  • Self-cleaning technology- Filters 100% of your spa water in 15 minutes

  • HydroClean™ floor vacuum- Removes any heavy debris from the bottom of the spa


  • Limited cabinetry colors- Only 2 to choose from

  • Some features are not standard- could increase overall cost

Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs

Who are they?

With over 60 years of experience behind them, Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs has long been one of the leading hot tub and swim spa brands in the world. Starting with the J-300 spa pump, the hydrotherapy machine arose from a family need. In the 1940s, Candido Jacuzzi invented a therapeutic hydrotherapy pump to give his toddler son Kenneth relief from his rheumatoid arthritis.

Taking it further, the engineers of Jacuzzi developed it into the world’s first home bath spa, and in 1956 they began marketing it with great success. Jacuzzi has continued to build on this success over the decades, producing new and improved hot tubs, saunas, showers, baths, and swim spas, with retailers in more than 100 countries and five continents. It manufactures its products in North America and Europe and offers four hot tub collections, including including the J-400™ collection.

The J-400™ collection

The J-400™ collection offers the most premium features Jacuzzi has designed, with a range of five hot tubs with up to 9 seating options. The J-400™ collection has a high back design for added protection from the elements along with increased privacy. It also features a wide sheet waterfall, higher than on other collections, giving you the option to sit underneath it and allow the water to cascade down your back.

All models come with a variety of acrylic shell and cabinetry colors to choose from and feature the CLEARRAY Active Oxygen® technology water cleaning system. The system uses the natural cleaning power of active oxygen to destroy waterborne pathogens and contaminants.

As a result, a Jacuzzi® hot tub may use less chlorine or bromine than a similar size spa, which could make the water kinder on your skin and help to reduce running costs in the long term.


The Jacuzzi® PowerPro® jet range is used in the J-400™ collection, which features their most advanced hydro and jet technology to deliver a varied hydromassage across all seats. The Aqualibrium® formula utilizes the Venturi (fluid pressure) effect to create the perfect balance of air and water. The J-400™ collection also features exclusive therapy seats and jets not found in any other Jacuzzi® collection that target your neck, shoulders, and back.

Build & Design

The cabinetry is created using a UV-resistant high-quality synthetic to provide longer lasting protection from the sun. And unlike HotSpring®, which uses a Polymer-based structure for its HighLife® collection, the Jacuzzi® J-400® collection and the Hydropool® Signature Collection build their frames using wood. Using wood frames allows the frame to expand and contract with temperature changes in the product as well as in the environment.


The Jacuzzi® J-400™ collection offers a 5-stage filtration process and patented CLEARRAY Active Oxygen® water technology


Full foam insulation is used in the J-400™ collection, giving all-around heat retention through high and low-density foam, which also lessens vibrations from the plumbing and parts. This helps with energy efficiency to keep energy use to a minimum and costs down.

SmartTub® System

SmartTub™ is an upgrade available on all Jacuzzi® hot tubs. An innovative design that lets you change your spa into a smart hot tub, it gives you remote access to your tub’s features and programs anywhere with a cellular connection.

It allows you to check on the health of your tub, will notify you when something needs your attention, and let you know when you need to change the filter or UV bulbs. SmartTub™ means you can change the temperature, lighting, set the filtration cycle or even turn it on or off, all through the app. It even offers features that help with energy savings.

Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs offer quality parts, plumbing and features throughout the J-400™ collection and have some great exclusive features such as the high back design and large waterfall. The upside is that you can expect consistent quality throughout the collections and a premium Prolast™ hot tub cover with any model.

The downside is the limited choice with acrylic shell and cabinetry colors, and there is no option for a smaller seater hot tub should you be looking for that. The lowest you can get is a five-person hot tub. So, if you’re searching for a high-end hot tub that’s smaller in size and seats 2-3 people, you won’t find it in the J-400™ collection.


  • Full foam insulation- For better energy efficiency

  • UV light sanitation system- Works with Ozone to eliminate waterborne pathogens

  • Built in control panel- Full colour touch screen pad

  • ProLast™ hot tub cover included- Hard wearing cover made from marine-grade vinyl

  • SmartTub® System- Upgrade available for remote access to your spa anywhere with cellular connection

  • High back design- Increased privacy and protection

  • Illuminated wide sheet waterfall- Added ambience


  • SmartTub® system- Remote access

  • Unique high back design- Exclusive to the J-400™ collection


  • No smaller groups model- No 2-3 seater option

  • Limited colors- Small choice on cabinet and shell colors

HotSpring® Hot Tubs

Who are they?

Established in 1977 by Jeff and Jon Watkins when they built their first HotSpring® portable spa, the company has grown since then to sell over a million spas worldwide. They are manufactured by Watkins Wellness, a member of the MASCO family of brands, out of the Highlife® Collection factory in Vista, California.

HotSpring® offers four collections of spas, including rotationally moulded tubs in their Freeflow Spa® series, and have tubs ranging from 3-seater models up to 7-person hot tubs.

The HighLife® collection

The luxury hot tub series from HotSpring, the HighLife® range, provides 9 models with seating options from 3-7 people and has the most exclusive and premium features the brand has to offer.

Various models offer lounge seat options, and all spas in the range come with at least one seat giving you access to the Moto-Massage DX jet, an exclusive on HighLife® hot tubs.

Build & Design

They use a polymer support structure and base rather than a wooden frame in their construction to ensure there’s no potential for rotting. They have six cabinet and shell design colors to choose from, so there are plenty of choices. This differs from both Jacuzzi® and Hydropool® hot tubs, which use wood to form the structure of their hot tubs.

If you’re looking for an alternative hot tub foundation, the HotSpring Highlife® will offer you that. The polymeric substructure is a lightweight structure that supports the rest of the spa and is designed for durability and longevity.


The HighLife® collection offers a multi-massage approach, with an exclusive Moto-Massage® DX jet to move up and down your back along with 7 massage types in total, including rotational jets for massage variation. The massage options cover key muscle groups along with your neck, calves and wrists.

Control Panel

The HighLife® models also feature a removable control panel, allowing you to access the hot tub features in or out of the spa up to 30 feet away. Its full-color touch screen with large icons and menus making it easy to navigate.


The HighLife® utilizes the FreshWater® Salt System, which means you add salt to your hot tub, and the system generates chlorine automatically while it keeps your water feeling soft without a harsh chemical odor.

It also features their 100% no-bypass filtration, top loading Tri-X™ filters to continuously filter your water, even when you’re using it.


HotSpring® spas use a full foam insulation method to lock in heat and keep energy costs down as part of their Energy Smart™ system. It includes a SilentFlo 5000™ circulation pump that uses less energy than a 40-watt light bulb, a No-Fault™ heater that maximizes heat transfer, and SmartJet™ system that lets you direct power only to the jet groups you want to use.

The great thing about HotSpring® spas is their range of jet options and unique features in the wireless touch screen and differing sanitation system of FreshWater®.

One of the drawbacks, however, is that some people may consider the the lack of additional comfort features, such as a solid waterfall or a smart system upgrade (at time of writing) for remote access to be a potential negative.


  • Full foam insulation- Covers the entire inside for more heat retention

  • Saltwater sanitation system option- Freshwater alternative

  • Removable wireless control panel- Useable up to 30 feet away

  • Customizable zone lighting- Wider choice

  • Exterior Lighting- For added mood setting


  • FreshWater® Salt System- Alternative to UV light water sanitation

  • Exclusive Moto-Massage® DX- Two streams of water moving up and down your back

  • Wireless control panel- Control your spa anywhere up to 30 feet away


  • No smart system to remote access- Cannot turn on or off remotely via mobile phone

  • Maximum 7 people- Limits large gatherings of family or friends

  • No waterfall- Potential drawback if looking for this feature


All three brands sell luxury hot tubs that provide you with a wide range of hydrotherapy options and exclusive features.

Depending on your personal preference regarding style, hydromassage experience and comfort, all three collections will offer a quality hot tub. But the difference between the salt water system and the UV + Ozone sanitation methods is something to consider, as these are very different.

All three hot tub brands are reputable and have a long history of customer service and quality-built luxury hot tubs.

If you’re looking for ease of maintenance and customizable features, the Hydropool® Signature collection would be a fantastic choice.

But if you are looking for many premium options included in the price, with modern design along with remote access to your tub, then the Jacuzzi® J-400™ collection will deliver this.

If, however, you want an alternative sanitation system to UV + Ozone and a wide array of hydromassage options with a polymer frame instead of wood, a HighLife® spa will be better suited.

Whatever hot tub you are seeking to purchase, it’s important to test them all out and see which one suits you and your specific needs best.

We hope this article has been informative on showing you what the best luxury hot tubs are on offer from Hydropool®, Jacuzzi, and HotSpring® brands.

While we are a manufacturer of some of these hot tubs, we pride ourselves on being open and honest about the choices that you have as a consumer.

As there are a lot of luxury hot tubs out there, we couldn’t cover all of them in this article. But we hope this has helped give you a better understanding of what’s out there and we wish you the best of luck in finding the right luxury hot tub for you.

Disclaimer: This article is provided by Jacuzzi® and Hydropool® Hot Tubs Inc. (“Hydropool”). None of Watkins Wellness (“HotSpring”), or any of its affiliates or brands, have endorsed, sponsored, or are otherwise affiliated with Jacuzzi, Hydropool or this article. Information regarding HotSpring products and features were taken from publicly available information as of the date of this article – these details may change from time-to-time so please consult with each for any updates. All trademarks, service marks and company names are the property of their respective owners.

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