HOA's and Hot Tubs
Written by Kimberly Giraldo
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Home Owners Association Checklist

Before you schedule your hot tub installation, it’s important to check the rules and guidelines of your Home Owners Association. Many times, hot tubs must be approved in advance by your HOA committee and follow certain guidelines such as shell color, foundation material, and hot tub location.

Here are 5 resources that you may need when getting approval from your HOA before your install a hot tub.

1. Your new spa Owner’s Manual includes every detail about your new hot tub and provides potential answers about your spa that your HOA committee may ask during your application.

2. A certificate of product compliance demonstrates your spa has successfully passed the ASTM F1346-91 Standard performance test. This certificate may become especially important if you are planning on placing your new spa in the ground, also known as vaulting. You can find this in your warranty pack that came with your spa.

3. The details of the actual mechanical test that was performed on your hot tub and cover. This report details documents the four specific tests that are run by an independent commercial testing laboratory. This is also found in your warranty pack.

4. If your HOA is concerned that your new spa will cause a sound disturbance to your neighbors, you may find this spa decibel sound level document from the Jacuzzi® engineering department helpful.

5. Your HOA may also have specific requirements for the placement and foundation of your new spa. You could choose to place your spa on a flat concrete foundation as a centerpiece of your backyard, or if you have a deck with the proper supports that also makes a great location for your new spa. For inspiration on where to place your hot tub, check out our gallery.

It is important to follow your Home Owners Association guidelines for installing hot tubs in your community. Following our checklist will ease you through the process before installation so you can have years of hot tub enjoyment. If you still have questions or need additional documentation contact your local dealer.

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