Hot Tub Error Codes
Written by Kimberly Giraldo
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Do you speak hot tub? While it is a good idea to keep your hot tub manual handy, here are a number of must-know error codes and their follow-up actions that will keep you and your fellow soakers safe.

COL/COOL. Hot tubs are meant to be hot. This error code means yours is not. It pops up whenever there is a steep drop from the set temperature, such as when you fill/refill your spa. No need to call a tech—just let the heater do its job and the water will reach its set temperature.

blb/BLB. If you see some variation of the letters BLB flashing across your control panel, it means that the UV bulb needs to be replaced. You can purchase one from your local Jacuzzi® dealer.

Sn1/Sn2. This indicates that there is an open or shorted sensor, which means your heater is disabled and/or your hot tub has deactivated. It is not a good idea to use your hot tub when the sensors are malfunctioning, so call your friendly spa tech for assistance.

FL1/FL2. This code means any of the following: the flow switch is malfunctioning open (FL1) or closed (FL2), the filter cartridge needs to be changed or cleaned, or there is an “air lock” condition at the circulation pump intake. The hot tub heater and jets pump will likely deactivate, so now is a great time to call a service tech.

The above error codes do not indicate immediate danger to the user, but the following codes do:

  1. This error code stands for overheat. You can call a tech for assistance, but here is a home remedy you might want to try first: Take the spa cover off and let the water cool down. Program the filter for Economy mode, and cancel the Summer Logic condition, which occurs when the actual water temperature goes above the set temperature. If this does not restore the water to a safe temperature, secure the cover on the hot tub and call your tech.

- - - -. If you see dashes on your hot tub control panel, do not attempt to use your spa. This means that the water is dangerously hot. Call a service tech right away and be sure to secure the cover on your hot tub so that no one else attempts to use it. Your scalding hot tub will likely trigger the Watchdog software, which will deactivate the spa and flash red safety lights as a warning.

Now that you are in the know when it comes to error codes, you can relax and enjoy your hot tub safely.

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