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How do I clean my hot tub?
How do I clean my hot tub?
Written by Kimberly Giraldo
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Once-A-Month Hot Tub Cleaning Guide

While your hot tub requires daily and weekly maintenance, there are also a few simple chores you’ll need to do once a month to keep your spa in tip-top shape. From cleaning the cover to adding scale remover, don’t worry, it’s quick and easy to maintain your hot tub.

Clean the Cover
Because covers can quickly deteriorate, it’s important to properly care for them. Giving your spa cover a good monthly scrub will prolong its life. Start by hosing down your cover, spraying it with a non-abrasive cleaner, and then rinsing it. For extra stubborn stains or grime, let the cleaner soak on the spot for several minutes before wiping it down.

Soak the Filter
While hosing off your filters every week or so is good practice, a garden hose can’t always effectively remove all the dirt. However, using an overnight cleaning solution will give your device the deep clean it needs. A monthly rinse rids your filter of the debris that could otherwise negatively affect your tub’s performance. Once a month, simply soak your filter overnight with a cleaner to remove those hard-to-reach contaminants. If you’re in the market for a new one, check out our online store for a list of official Jacuzzi® brand hot tub filters.

Add Scale Remover
If you live in a region with hard water, you may want to consider adding hot tub scale remover to your spa once a month. This remover will help to clear your spa water of the calcium film and buildup of scale. Tossing some scale remover in your tub is an easy task, which will improve the clarity of your spa water.

Taking the time to pamper and service your hot tub once a month will help preserve your spa for years to come. Mark a day on your calendar each month to give your hot tub the TLC it deserves. After you take care of these simple tasks, reap the benefits with a relaxing soak in your sparkly clean tub.

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