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How to Raise Calcium Hardness In Hot Tub
How to Raise Calcium Hardness In Hot Tub
Written by Kimberly Giraldo
Updated over a week ago

Balance Your Hot Tub & Pool Water Raise Your Calcium Hardness

Low calcium levels in your spa can cause equipment corrosion while high levels may lead to water clarity problems. Measure your tub’s calcium hardness with test strips or kits to determine your course of action. For low levels, you may need to invest in a calcium booster. Meanwhile, high levels may require you water softener treatments.


What you’ll need

  • Test Strips

  • Jacuzzi® Calcium Hardness Increaser

  • Measuring cup with ounces


  • Submerge the test strip six inches below the water line

  • Check your calcium hardness water results

  • The calcium hardness desired range is 250 to 450

  • Turn on air blower or filter system

  • To raise your calcium hardness, utilize the Jacuzzi calcium hardness increaser, one ounce per 500 gallons of water, each ounce increases hardness by 7 ppm.

  • Run filtration system for one to two hours

  • Allow the water to circulate for 20 minutes

  • Retest and repeat the previous steps if needed

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