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How to Balance Your Hot Tub - Increase PH
How to Balance Your Hot Tub - Increase PH
Written by Kimberly Giraldo
Updated over a week ago

Check Your Hot Tub pH Levels
Testing your spa water’s pH levels is one of most important ways to determine its needs. After all, pH imbalances can make your hot tub water too acidic or too basic, both of which can have negative effects. Once you figure out your water’s pH level, you’re better equipped to know how much sanitizer to add.


What you’ll need:

  • Test Strips

  • Jacuzzi® pH UP

  • Measuring cup with ounces


  • Submerge the test strip six inches below the water line

  • Check your pH water results

  • The pH desired range is between 7.2 and 7.8

  • Turn on air blower or filter system

  • To Increase your pH utilize Jacuzzi pH UP, one ounce per 400 gallons of water

  • Allow the water to circulate for 30 minutes

  • Retest and repeat the previous steps if needed

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